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Accepting all Pony art!

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Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara

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1 Week -

Name - 5 points
Name + Avatar - 8 points
Name + Avatar + Deviation (3 Total) - 15 points [20 for all 3]

2 Weeks -

Name - 8 points
Name + Avatar - 15 points
Name + Avatar + Deviation (3 Total) - 20 points [35 for all 3]

1 Month -

Name - 15 points
Name + Avatar - 25 points
Name + Avatar + Deviation (3 Total) - 35 points [60 for all 3]
Payments should be sent to the pool at the bottom on that link

Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara

1 Week

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2 Weeks

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1 Month

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If you want to apply to be a Contributor, please send a note to TaigaLife with the following; (please include group name in note)

1. How often can you go through submissions?
2. Do you have any previous admin experience with DA groups or are you a current admin of a group. (We would prefer for you to have experience)
3. If the answer above is yes, please tell me about those groups and what you did.

Include any other information you feel is necessary to help us decide. Please note while contributors also get the ability to automatically submit their own work.
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Group Info

Welcome to MLP-ALL! We welcome you with open hooves and encourage you to join the group! No matter you make art yourself, or just like to see it, everyone is welcome!

General Rules

:bulletyellow: There are no limitations on who can join this group; all join requests are automatically approved! You do not have to join to submit, although we'd prefer that you did.

:bulletyellow: If you'd like to become an administrator of this group, please read section entitled Admins at the bottom of this box.

Submission Rules

:bulletorange: Grimdark - This group will accept grimdark, but only to its corresponding folder.

:bulletorange: Mature - Both explicit and suggestive material may be posted to its respective folder.

:bulletorange: Art theft of any kind is strictly prohibited. Any deviations that are found to be stolen will be promptly removed; if you see any stolen deviations in our group, please report them to the admins.

:bulletorange: If you use the work of other artists, please provide credit, either by linking to the original deviation or the artist's profile page. This includes vectors, alpha-layer drawings and paintings, logos, and other resources. We will not accept works with uncredited resources. If you made the resources yourself, please notify us of that.

Quality Guidelines

:bulletyellow: There is no set minimum on quality, everything is accepted.

:bulletyellow: Please submit to the correct folder.

We do not accept the following:

:bulletyellow: Stolen works

:bulletyellow: journals


:bulletblue: Twilight Sparkle(wingless), applejack, rarity, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, fluttershy, spike. --> Mane 6 and Spike

:bulletblue: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor --> Royalty

:bulletblue: Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Babs Seed --> Cutie Mark Crusaders

:bulletblue: Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, Gilda, Discord, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, Mane-iac, Trixie --> Antagonists

:bulletblue: multiple characters outside their folders --> Group

:bulletblue: any canon with oc character --> Canon with OC

:bulletblue: grouped or solo original characters to their correct folders. --> Original Characters (Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth, Other)

:bulletblue: Celestia and/or Luna --> Celestia and Luna

:bulletblue: Daring do, big mac, vinyl, octavia, lyra, bon bon, derpy, dinky, doctor, flitter, cloudchaser, zecora, wonderbolts, other named/unnamed --> Minor or Background Character

:bulletblue: wallpapers --> Wallpapers

:bulletblue: Fanfics, Human or Anthro, Equestria Girls, Artisan Crafts, Comics, Tumblr, Show elements, scenery, Grimdark, rule 34 --> Other



If you're interested in finding artwork to submit to this group, and do so on a frequent basis, this might be the job for you. If you make art for yourself, your submissions will be automatically accepted. You also gain the bonus of voting on submitted works.

If you have any questions regarding submission rules/folders, please contact an admin!

Weekly Stats

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7 accepted
87 accepted, 19 denied
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laurilolly 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there anyway I can promote my giveaway on here? :D…

its my first time doing one and I have no idea how I can get people involved :D 
Posieki11y Apr 13, 2014  New member
I am on mobile so I can't find the join button...
CrystalVectors Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I be a normal member again, because I don't have very much time for accepting art?
(1 Reply)
GamingGoru Mar 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
SOPA is back! They're planning to remove fanart, fan fiction, and everything fan related! Please help by signing this petition so we can stop them before March 19th!…
Silverjades96 Feb 19, 2014  Student Writer
huh, I tried submitting the story in fanfic but I can't.
(1 Reply)
MIeLZSimmonS Jan 31, 2014  Student Photographer
thanks for accepting me! :D
bcollins39302 Nov 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wow, nice new emblem!
Thanks for the invite :)
(1 Reply)
bcollins39302 Nov 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
And… (this is in relation to what I posted) the stuff I submitted yesterday got accepted
(1 Reply)
bcollins39302 Nov 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I submitted… a few days ago, and it never got accepted or denied but I think I might have submitted to wrong folder… so I submitted to shipping this time.
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